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How to get new patients from the Internet? 5 Easy Steps.

Do you run a dental clinic?

Then we do not need to explain to you how crucial is the stable flow of the new patients for the clinic. Just working with the existing customer base is no longer enough. People may move, change a dentist, or even die.

How can you be sure that NEW patients come to your clinic making an informative and choice?

The answer is easy. They need to find You just exactly when they need it and make a choice in YOUR favor.

In order to make it happen following steps should be implemented.

  1. Your website has to be on the first page of Google foк every search phrase that is related to teeth treatment. Do not limit yourself with phrases like “Dental Clinic” or “Dentist Berlin”. Work out all keywords from “caries treatment” to “ extraction of the dystopian wisdom tooth”. Remember the golden rule if Search Engine Marketing: Narrow search phrases bring the hottest customers.
  2. Your website has to make a good impression. Professional photos and videos, useful medical text, diplomas of the doctors, before and after examples – all this creates a trust to your clinic.
  3. After reading some info on your website, your potential customer would more likely go back to Google to search the reviews about you. It would be naive to think that people believe the reviews on your website, as you would never post any negative review on your website. Managing your online reputation is the most important element of Internet Marketing. Make sure you read and replied to all the reviews you could find about your clinic. We can not stress that enough
  4. Social Media Marketing. We do not say that Social Media will sell a lot. Believe it or not but use it mostly to have fun. They are not looking for the dentist on Instagram and we are pretty sure that they do not want to see pictures of the crooked teeth in their feed. That is why we recommend using Social Media in a more entertaining and educating way. Remind them about you in a subtle, gentle way, but make sure your followers hear from you on a regular basis.
  5. Your prices have to adequate to the market. People that receive treatment in the “luxury” and “business” class usually do search them in Google but prefer “word a mouth” recommendation. Internet marketing works best for the “economy” and “middle” segments.
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