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More and more dentists provide orthodontic treatment nowadays

More and more dentists provide orthodontic treatment nowadays. Bite correction and teeth straightening is no longer a prerogative of the orthodontists. Thank the development of aligner technology, no special license is required to do the orthodontics.  

What are the advantages of aligners treatment for the dentist? 

  1. A relatively small amount of the chairside time. Studies show that regular aligner treatment requires 4 hours of doctor’s time, comparing to the 16 hours using the braces. 
  2. It is a high marginal service. In Germany dentists usually charge 3000 -5000 EUR for this procedure. You can make it even more marginal if you implement the “in-office aligners production” that can save you an additional 1000 USD on the lab fees. 
  3. It is highly aesthetic and positive. The other dental services, like caries treatment, are of course necessary for the health, but they are not very graphic. Orthodontic treatment, besides providing a healthy bite, also straightens the teeth and bring people better smiles. Therefore, it is something you can post on the Instagram and other social media as a proof of your good job. Needless to say that your happy smiling customers are the best promoters of your services. 
  4. You can use the aligner treatment for the implantation preparation or veneers. Sometimes you just need to have some space for the implant and aligners can provide you that, so there is no need to send your patients to the orthodontist anymore 

Now when we know that selling the aligner treatments makes sense, let’s answer a more practical question. How to sell them? 

It does not matter if you are just starting to provide the aligner treatments or are already an experienced provider, these tips will help you to get more and more patients and bring more and more beautiful smiles to this world. 

  1. Create a page that is dedicated to the aligners. If you have a modern and fresh website, post it there. If your website is out of date, create a standalone landing page. Make sure that you compile a nice mix of medical explanations (why one needs to correct a bite), before and after mix, the examples of the virtual treatment plans (ask youк aligner provider), and your prices (make sure they are relevant to the market). Here is an example of the aligner page we created for one of our German customer 
  2. Drive traffic to the page. Make sure you use both “answering to the demand” tools like Google AdWords and “creating the demand” tools like Facebook/Instagram advertising campaigns. Remember to keep it local, as nobody will drive 100 miles for the aligner treatment (unless this is a patient from the mouth recommendation) 
  3. Inform your existing customers. Use the design of the abovementioned aligner page to create brochures for your waiting room.  
  4. Inform your followers on social media before and after pics. It would be great if you can provide some video content with a “life-changing smile” of your happy customers. Offer it to those patients who ask you for the discount and use for future sales 
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