multiplicity vs synergy
The other thing that I am highly impressed with that Multiplicity does an awesome job with is file copying from one PC to the other. I really do love the fact Multiplicity can copy files from one machine to the next. Stardock does have a coupon going until the 31st of august which brings the price of Multiplicity pro down to 37.99. Larger memory foot print then Multiplicity Full-screen lock works much better in Multiplicity than in Synergy - I gave up on Synergy after a while because of game issues. Personally, I’m waiting for the OS X client for Multiplicity to come out. With Synergy 2, the same process took 20-30 minutes with repeated references back to the documentation. The cursor can be smoothly moved directly to any monitor regardless of which PC the monitor is connected to. ShareMouse can optionally simplify monitor transitions between monitors of different dimensions. Go to Options, check “Don’t take foreground on Windows servers”. Synergy 2 has clients for the following platforms: Some of those are more stable and bug-free than others, but they’re all there in some form and being worked on. Each PC can have its own unique password. Works great in games There is a Mac client in the works too that will be free to users of Multiplicity. Clipboard sharing does not support text formatting or bitmaps. No text formatting. Primary PCs are configured with a connection code unique to each PC it will control. Based on your monitor resolution Multiplicity will automatically resize and adjust the number of thumbnails displayed and horizontal scroll to accommodate as many thumbnail views as are available. Network KVM - Synergy vs. Multiplicity vs ?? Looking at the features of Multiplicity it does almost everything that Synergy does except you have to pay for it. Missing one key point? It's possible to copy multimedia content across computers, such as images, tables, html, text, and more. Well I thought so too, until today when I became so fed up with trying to get synergy to work and tired of all its oddities I decided to give Multiplicity a try. Any of the other Synergy users know how to fix this? Copy and paste images and text between PCs, local and remote. Older versions of the binaries are available for free, and the source code can be downloaded and compiled manually. However, Multiplicity currently has a better security setup. Of course, since controlling multiple computers with one keyboard/mouse is not something casual computer users are likely to want to do either, this may not be that big of an issue. E.g. When sufficient thumbnails are available the sidebar will scroll and can be one or two columns wide. Clipboard sharing is just plain text. "Low latency" is the primary reason people pick Synergy over the competition. Now it works just fine in games, and remember to hit Scroll Lock when you don’t need Synergy. Very easy install I did everything the way I thought I had 4 months prior but Synergy just wouldn’t load properly on either system. So far I am very happy with the program and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who gets frustrated with Synergy. As someone who uses multiple Windows+Linux computers, that’s simply a must. Alternatively, you can add a hotkey to enable mouse transitition, like CTRL-move to switch monitors. Synergy Pros Lustre recommends the best products at their lowest prices. Multiplicity can display a full screen of active desktop thumbnails from remote PCs available to be selected and controlled from the Primary PC. The new version I downloaded today resolved some flakiness with copy and pasting images between workstations. Also, Multiplicity Pro has a limit of 6 computers, so it’s not for you if you have an insane amount of displays/computers. With Synergy if I was running a game on the second box I would have to use a second mouse to control it because for some reason Synergy didn’t like direct x applications. The mouse pointer can optional wrap around large monitor setups. This enables multiple local PCs to be seamlessly switched between using their own monitors while also controlling other PCs using a shared monitor, keyboard and mouse. Despite being open source, Synergy charges for builds of their binaries. The cost of Multiplicity can really start to add up if you want to control 5 or 6 machines. Remote connection activity can be logged to the Windows Event Viewer. Users may select the specific remote monitor display to show on the local PC monitor and freely switch between them. Multiplicity's user configuration options can be set by administrators and locked down. Are you sure that you want to abandon your hard work? Also the cut and paste of text from one PC to the other is awesome. It’s not a very fair review if you ignore one of the strong points of Synergy, which is crossplatform compatibility. I don’t have this problem with multipilicty. I had it up and running on my two machines in less than 5 minutes after I downloaded the software. Multiplicity supports multi-monitor configurations. You know I tried that but it still didn’t work exactly correct. Spare mouse very useful to reactivate. Synergy 2 wins hands-down here since it is free. Remote PC connections can optionally be limited to view only. When you get to the core of it Multiplicity does everything Synergy does except it really does it better. A service worker auto-launches ShareMouse corresponding to the remote user credentials. Lustre recommends the best products at their lowest prices – right on Amazon. The cursor escaping? Synergy was good in that it would lock the mouse to that screen if you are in first person mode and then release it if you went to a menu. With Synergy for me it was always a hit or miss if it would take the text copied from one PC to the other. This is another area where the $40-$70 Multiplicity cannot come close to what Synergy 2 offers. Yeah you can use one copy for up to 6 machines. That’s missing one of the two key points of Synergy that make it what it is. Only Synergy lets you also share monitor/mouse with your Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS computers. Quickly and securely drag and drop files of any size between PCs. It really is just that simple. Any Multiplicity controlled PC may have multiple monitors and Multiplicity will enable the user to seamlessly move the cursor across all PCs and all display screens. It’s missing the other key point too! Slant is powered by a community that helps you make informed decisions. PCs requesting a remote connection can be required to enter a session code generated by the remote PC. :). Its ok though I am digging Multiplicity for now. other computer. The sidebar can be displayed all the time or automatically based on mouse control. Multiplicity is $39.95 to $69.95 per machine depending on which version is purchased (the $69.95 version allows easier file copy operations between the various machines being controlled by the program). Cost of $10 for Synergy Basic, or $29 for Synergy Pro. Synergy can be used for file transfer using intuitive drag and drop interface. The coupon if you are looking to save a bit when you buy it is MPPro-B083107 just use that at check out and it’ll take 25% off. No pics. So yesterday I buy a new motherboard for my PC and decide its time to do some switching around which means a full format and reinstall. No Drag & Drop of files. BUG: (feature? Cut and paste of files and text work every time I stopped using it when it was no longer needed, but I am once again in need of a similar software. The problem is mainly in WoW where when I switch to the second screen and attempt to make my char move it just spins the screen. After using Multiplicity all day I’m in love with it and I’ll be using it for a long time to come. I've since moved on to Octopus. Files can be moved from any Mac/PC to any Mac/PC. I know I could set up a hotkey to lock the mouse to the main screen but I really need to be able to move the mouse on the fly from one screen to the other with out having to use a hotkey.


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