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Whitehouse, H., Watkin Lui, F., Sellwood, J., Barrett, M. J., & Chigeza, P. (2014).

Indigenous plant use: A booklet on the medicinal, nutritional and technological use of indigenous plants (pdf), by Zena Cumpston, Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub, The University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Teaching for reconciliation in your classroom, The art of healing: Australian Indigenous Bush Medicine, Knowing country, knowing food: Food security and Aboriginal-settler relations in Victoria, Beyond the pyramid or plate: Contemporary approaches to food and nutrition education, Sea country: Navigating indigenous and colonial ontologies in Australian environmental education, Koorie Plants, Koorie People: traditional Aboriginal food, fibre and healing plants of Victoria, Australian Bush Food Recipes and Information. A bibliography of bush-foods and Aboriginal uses, prepared by the ISBN 9780975682333 130 pp. Ht t fly m ost e st g ak Sun irds s Uses/Comments Medicinal uses Coastal / open forest species Flat-Stemmed Wattle Acacia complanata 2-4m S H fast x wb fs f x Seeds eaten. New Holland, Frenchs Forest, N.S.W. Australian Bushfood and Native Medicine Forum

How bringing Australian edible plants into your classroom can deepen understanding of Indigenous cultures and histories. Western Australian Museum, Perth.

Edible Weed Cards. ed. Welch, R., & Leahy, D. (2018). While it remains a priority in policy to develop a pipeline of Indigenous teachers, non-Indigenous teachers have a responsibility to recognise and celebrate Indigenous knowledge, culture and history.

This book was developed in consultation with local Aboriginal communities. 76 pp. Last updated: Nov 2020. The journey cycles of the Boonwurrung: stories with Boonwurrung language. 1, 1983- Inner … 2003, Anmatyerr ayey arnang-akert: Anmatyerr plant stories by the women from Laramba (Napperby) community. u. HINT: Australian plants in Fig 2 are (left to right, top to bottom): Bunya pine nut (araucaria bidwillii), geebung (persoonia pinifolia), cherry ballart (exocarpos cupressiformis), hop-bush (dodonaea viscosa), murnong or yam-daisy (microseris lanceolata), nothofagus moorei (antarctic beech), king orchid (dendrobium speciosum), gymea lily (doryanthes excelsa). The art of healing: Australian Indigenous Bush Medicine, Medical History Museum, University of Melbourne.

The crises of 2020 — bushfires and a pandemic — have amplified the possible role native foods, plants and sustainable agriculture could play in how we re-imagine our homes, schools and farms. 2002, Punu: Yankunytjatjara plant use: traditional methods of preparing foods, medicines, utensils and weapons from native plants, 3 rd ed. Wreck Bay Community & Renwick, Cath 2000, Geebungs and snake whistles: Koori people and plants of Wreck Bay. Currently produced by the N.T.

ACHPER Active and Healthy Magazine, 25(2/3), 22-31. Uses of native and some exotic plants by people of the Wreck Bay community at Jervis Bay on the south coast of New South Wales. One way is by bringing ‘bush foods’ such as murnong (yam daisy), gurnbak (fish) or guyeem (kangaroo) into your educational conversations and activities. Education plays an important role in this – in fostering the awareness of rights-based cultivation, but also in sharing the knowledge of edible flora and fauna and making it accessible outside of fine dining. Bamanga Bubu Ngadimunku, Mossman, Qld. 160 pp. each plants detailed edible and medicinal uses, you will be amazed ! Hiddins, Les 2001, Bush tucker field guide, Penguin Books, Ringwood, Vic. An investigation of new technologies in secondary schools, An investigation into the relations between imaginary situations and scientific abstractions in preschool digital play, Pathways to work engagement, wellbeing and positive teaching among mid-career teachers: The role of personal and workplace resources, Affective imagination in science education: exploring the emotional nature of scientific and technological learning and engaging children and teachers, Conceptual play: foregrounding imagination and cognition during concept formation in early years science education, Elite independent schools in globalising circumstances: a multi-sited global Ethnography, Using pedagogical reasoning to explicate expert practice that aligns with national teaching standards, Peopling educational policy: realising the new Australian English and mathematics curricula, Numeracy@Home: Enhancing the capacity of parents to support the learning of their children, M-cubed: Money, meaning and maths for learners with cognitive disability, The internationalization of Australian Independent Schools: The influence of Confucian Heritage Culture on Pedagogy, Turning inquiry experiences into robust learning: Exploring the potential of structured mathematics learning sequences, Teacher knowledge and practice of geometry in Kindergarten to Year 6, Connected2Learning - Thinking Outside the Square, Teachers' knowledge and practice in developing students' multiplicative thinking in Years 3 & 4 2018, Teachers' knowledge and practice in developing students' multiplicative thinking in Years 3 & 4 2017, Teachers' knowledge and practice in developing students' multiplicative thinking in Years 3 & 4 2016, Extending Mathematical Understanding for all, Evaluation of the Let's Count E-Learning Pilot Program for The Smith Family, External Evaluation of Explore Learning Sites Critical and Creative Thinking Collaborative Inquiry Project, Informal sport as a health and social resource for diverse young people, Pacific Indicators for Disability Inclusive Education (Pacific INDIE) project, Respectful relationships in early childhood professional learning, Developing Leadership Language in Education Leaders, Developing a conflict resolution theoretical framework for principals, leaders, teachers and whole school staff, Building an evidence-base for using Minecraft: Education Edition as an educational tool, Zoos Victoria Fighting Extinction School Impact Project, Educational psychology and inclusive education, Teacher education, language, arts and professional learning, Early Childhood Conceptual PlayLab research group, Education, Environment and Sustainability research group, Globalisation, Education and Work research group, Health, Physical Education and Sport research group, Professional Experience Intervention and Support Processes, Professional Experience Placement Variation Application processes, Professional experience visits business rule, Literacy and Numeracy Development Program, Individual consultations for research students, Audio-visual services for students at the Faculty of Education, policy to develop a pipeline of Indigenous teachers, Australian National Botanical Gardens (ANBG), Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (AGHE) food plate infographic, re-establish their familiar foods from Britain and Europe, communities that experience food insecurity, Qantas Club bread made with Wattleseed (Acacia coriacea) and Kakadu plum, Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures CCP, Boon Wurrung: The Journey of the Iilk – Iilkyawa, Indigenous plant use: A booklet on the medicinal, nutritional and technological use of indigenous plants (pdf), Seasonal Calendars for the Melbourne Area, Director of science at Kew: it’s time to decolonise botanical collections.

191 pp. Angus & Robertson, North Ryde, NSW. Discusses edible plant species, including etymology, location, uses of each part, history of the uses, medicinal uses, and possible toxicity. • Wild Food Plants of Australia - Tim Low, Angus & Robertson, 1991 • A Guide to Traditional Aboriginal Rainforest Plant Use - The Kuku Yalanji, Mossman Gorge Bamanga Bubu Ngadimunku Inc., 1995 The fruit illustrations were reproduced from Fruits of the Rainforest with the kind permission of William and Wendy Cooper. ABN 12 377 614 012 Accessibility - Disclaimer and copyright - Website terms and conditions - Data Protection and Privacy Procedure - Data Consent Settings, Monash University CRICOS Provider Number: 00008C, Monash College CRICOS Provider Number: 01857J.


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