bulletproof hummer h1 for sale
Humvee®, Hmmwv® and the HUMVEE Vehicle Configuration are registered trademarks of AM General LLC. Enter your email to suscribe to the newsletter, ©1997-2020. 2006 HUMMER H1 29.00 2004 HUMMER H1 2.00 2003 HUMMER H1 4.00 2002 HUMMER H1 3.00 2001 HUMMER H1 6.00 1994 HUMMER H1 2.00 1993 HUMMER H1 1.00 1991 HUMMER H1 2.00 1989 HUMMER H1 3.00 1988 HUMMER H1 1.00 Shop New HUMMER H1. Plan B Supply can Up-Armor all Hummer H1, and Humvee® Hmmwv® Military Vehicles. The armored Hummer H2 can still climb steps and boulders up to 16 inches in height just like the non-armored models. ). Boasting a stock ground clearance of 16 inches, thanks to the recessed driveline in a central horizontal column between the drivers’ and passengers’ seats, the lifted H1 for sale is capable of climbing a 22-inch wall and fording water up to 30 inches deep making this the ultimate 4wd vehicle. Buy and sell used Humvees from any and all manufacturers, including AM General and more. Laser cut and hydraulic press-formed and machined. 1638 - piece kit. 95% of welding on any hardened steel armored pieces for the cab enclosure kit. Restrictions and limitations apply. Used Humvees for sale. Quick View. HUMMER VEHICLE SOURCING. 2 HIGH P... Crevier Classic Cars is pleased to offer this 2001 Hummer H1. With an incredible amount of torque, this... Worldwide Vintage Autos is one of the largest classic automobile consignment dealerships in the world. addMilitary Armored humvee Hmmwv for sale, Pro-TEC  AR500 Hardened Armored cab enclosure kits installed by Plan B Supply. 2006 Hummer H1 with a Duramax 6.6 and an Allison. "Autotrader" is a registered trademark of TPI Holdings, Inc. used under exclusive license. All items. Designed for Humvee® Hmmwv® Military Vehicles. Predator typically has several Hummers for sale at any given time. First designated for ... Gateway Classic Cars of Fort Lauderdale is Excited to Present this Beautiful 1998 Am General Hummer H1 Convertible V8. 2006 HUMMER H1 - Unnecessary but awesome. I think it's mainly because I've never driven something as large as the Hummer before. By adding…, Armormax © 2020   |   All Rights Reserved   |, Entire passenger compartment armored with light synthetic fiber laminates and air hardened, heat treated ballistic alloys, Includes doors, roof, floor, pillar posts, etc. It's hard to mistake a Hummer if encountered on the road, not only do we use them as a favorite form of military transport, we can also use them on a day to day basis. Meticulously refinished. I remember having one of those large fuel cans strapped to the back and never thought I would use it, but it actually saved me from being stuck out in the middle of nowhere a couple of times. Similar Cars. Miles KM. Using painstaking design, careful placement of fastening and forming, and using, strict fabrication techniques and methods, Pro-TEC was able to eliminate. Gateway Classic Cars of Louisville is proud to present this 1993 AM General Hummer H1. Alpine’s armored Hummer H1 Alpha is built using latest technology to provide clients with highest levels of protection. Alpine’s armored Hummer H1 Alpha is built using latest technology to provide clients with highest levels of protection. Plan B Supply and its products and services are not affiliated with AM GENERAL LLC. It's extremely roomy, and you can fit weeks' worth of groceries in the back with room to spare. Kit prices stated above do not include installation, or shipping costs. Get the best deals on Hummer H1 when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. $99,777 | | DESCRIPTION: | | 1993 AM GENERAL HUMMER!!!! It handles snow as if it's not even there: Like I said, driving in the mountains with a car is near impossible; this did make the experience so much better. Its one of only 40 Hummer hardtops that were produced in 1996 with the factory code R7 red exterior paint. Bulletproof H2 Hummer. Make Offer. The interior is spacious and comfortable, leaving this armored SUV pleasurable and secure. This armored Hummer H1 will ensure that you stay safe in potentially life-threatening situations. Home Armored Cars SUV Bulletproof H1 Hummer. Comoptions:description:i have up for sale a 1990 am general hmmwv hummer h1 with … |. Turn-key vehicle prices include installation. Typically armored to Level A9/B6+, this bulletproof Hummer is protected against 7.62mm lead core, 5.56x45 and M80 ball rounds, as well as 2 DM51 hand grenades. Quality is a lack luster part of the interior. It makes great noises, pretty much can go anywhere that it can fit. It actually performed extremely well out there, but driving the truck felt really tedious. Sign in now to prevent your Saved Listings from expiring. Find great Hummer sales deals on Predator built H1’s and HMMWV’s with very low miles and Re-manufactured Duramax Conversions. while minimizing weight added weight, Original glass replaced with layered glass, acrylic, polycarbonate laminates, Maintains the original appearance and design with superior optics, Armored battery, radiator protection, ECM and fuel tank. Those looking for adventure and safety need to look no further than the armored H1 Hummer. Arabic writing throughout. COLLECTORS H1!!!! Capability and safety is what this vehicle was made for and with Armormax® bullet resistant material this vehicle turns into a serious behemoth to be reckoned with. Go. With IronClad Assurance. Use Classics on Autotrader's intuitive search tools to find the best classic car, muscle car, project car, classic truck, or hot rod. Don't expect the gas mileage to be fantastic, it will rattle, it's not comfortable, and drivability feels more like a chore. (Ballistic glass is NOT included in the kit price, see below for armored window pricing)  All fasteners and detailed installation instructions included in kit. Something went wrong. Equipped with a powerful diesel motor add a couple of performance upgrades and you will have one of the most versatile vehicles. CUSTOM PAINT, INTERIOR IS ALL NEW, THIS H1 SMELLS NEW! FULLY CUSTOM NO EXPENSE SPARED H1. The armored Hummer H2 can still climb steps and boulders up to 16 inches in height just like the non-armored models. Related Searches. Original Alpha Limited edition White 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha only 38 made in this color. List view. From 2 Door Hard Top w/Truck Body and 2 Door Misc: to 2 Door Soft Top w/Truck … Auction. | This is a rare opportunity to own a later-model Hummer H1 with the updated turbocharged diesel engine. Search by price, view certified pre-owned H1s, filter … This armored beast allows for travel practically anywhere and unsurmounted protection. Alert me by email if a price drops or a special offer is available. 2009 AM General M1165A1 HMMWV 4 Door Hard Top w/Truck Body. PROTECTION IS TYPICALLY DONE AT LEVEL A9/B6+ (7.62X39, 5.56X45, 7.62X51 AND M80 BALL), HIGHER OR LOWER LEVEL PROTECTION PACKAGES ARE AVAILABLE PER EACH CLIENT'S REQUEST, ALL ORIGINAL GLASS REMOVED AND REPLACED WITH NIJ TESTED MULTI-LAYERED BALLISTIC GLASS, ALL OPAQUE MATERIAL SURROUNDING PASSENGER AREA IS REPLACED WITH HARDENED BALLISTIC STEEL, ROOF (AT AN ANGLE) & FLOOR (ANTI-MINE PROTECTION INCLUDING DM51 GRENADE/FRAGMENTATION), ADDITIONAL AREAS OF ARMORING ARE THE FUEL TANK, BATTERY AND COMPUTER MODULE, REINFORCED DOOR HINGES TO SUPPORT ADDITIONAL WEIGHT OF THE ARMOR, REAR PARTITION SWING DOOR WITH LARGE BALLISTIC VIEWING GLASS & LOCKING MECHANISM, A COMPLETE SET OF FOUR (4) HIGH-GRADE RUN-FLAT SYSTEM INSTALLED, POWER WINDOWS - STANDARD FOR THE FRONT TWO, DOORS OPTIONAL FOR THE REAR DOORS, P.A./MULTI-SIREN SYSTEM AND LED STROBE LIGHTS, PER CLIENT'S SPECIFICATIONS, CUSTOM DESIGNED ONE PIECE RUN-FLAT SYSTEM (AVAILABLE ON CERTAIN MAKES AND MODELS), ADDITIONAL APPLICATION OF LIGHTER COMPOSITE MATERIAL IN SELECTIVE AREAS, CUSTOM - DESIGNED 360º CAMERA SYSTEM WITH NIGHT VISION CAPABILITY, CUSTOM - INSTALLED ELECTRONICS SURVEILLANCE & MONITORING SYSTEM (PER CLIENTS SPECS). Here are the top HUMMER H1 listings for sale ASAP. Bulletproof Trucks from Texas Armoring Corporation! Glad I finally bought one. Drivers only for this stunning and dynamic 1995 AM General Hummer. The Armored Group wants to be your resource for security vehicles of all kinds, including our armored Hummers. Just like its older brother, the H1, the Hummer H2 is not a vehicle to mess with. It features a modified 6.6-liter Chevy Duramax turbo-... VIN: TWX114199 | | 1993 HUMMER H1 6.2L DIESEL 4X4, 13,033 MILES, PRICE IS This truck has been customized in nearly every way but maintains a clean new stock look. If you do not have your own vehicle, We have a selection of used, repaired and refurbished Humvee® military vehicles that we can provide to you that are ready to be armored to different balistic resistance levels. features multi-layered ballistic glass, multi-siren systems, Front strobe lights and more. Early in the 90s the talk of the town all over these great United States was the Hummer. This armored Hummer H1 will ensure that you stay safe in potentially life-threatening situations. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. MILITARY 13,033 MILES ONLY!!!!!!! The gas mileages is really bad. By adding… View Details Your Location: Chicago, IL USA. Driving one in North Carolina for the first and have been hooked ever since. 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