collaroy sea wall
In 2002 about 3000 people lined the beach from Collaroy to Narrabeen to protest a planned 1.1km sea wall amid claims it might destroy the beach. Now the final package would see residents pay 80 per cent. A package of $3.46 million in assistance was approved by the Northern Beaches Council on Wednesday night. But it is not known if residents of the Collaroy strip will receive any more assistance under the draft coastal erosion policy passed last Thursday. But the wall will prevent erosion of the public beach and protect Pittwater Road, a main thoroughfare on the northern beaches. The Department of Industry—Lands & Water has the authority to grant consent for the lodging of development applications on Crown land to be assessed by other approval authorities, such as local councils or other government departments. The DA is for a sloping rock revetment seawall, around 210 metres in length and 15 metres wide. There are about 40 property owners between Collaroy and Narrabeen who are likely to build seawalls. The local council will contribute 10 per cent of construction cost, and the state government will chip in another 10 per cent. The seawall used geotextile fabric and around 14,000 tonnes of sandstone to construct and resulted in a stable site that can be used and enjoyed by the public. The sea wall would be built at the rear of residential properties. "Every time there is a storm or high seas we are very concerned about our property and our personal safety," she said. Work is set to start on the multimillion-dollar great sea wall of Collaroy which will stretch 1.3km and protect dozens of homes from devastating storms. This infrastructure will protect this public asset against erosion caused by storm events. Location: Collaroy NSW Our specialist staff were engaged by the Northern Beaches Council to construct the 250m rock revetment seawall in front of the Collaroy Beach carpark. "We've got to work out how to get around that," he said. Residents originally asked for a subsidy of 75 per cent of costs. The department has granted landowner’s consent for the DA to be assessed by Northern Beaches Council, which is required under Environmental Planning Assessment Regulations 2000. Collaroy residents building makeshift seawalls out of sandbags on Sunday, February 16, 2020. Cr Regan was "quietly confident" that every resident would participate for their "own peace of mind". Distraught homeowner Zaza Silk said a group of residents were considering legal action against council. The proposed structure, if approved, would encroach on Crown land by around 15 metres from property boundaries, but much of the structure will be buried under sand. Garry Silk is happy that a package of funding will help home owners build a sea wall to protect their homes from storms. The wall, which is a mix of public and privately funded sections, starts at The Collaroy hotel in the south and stretches to Devitt St in the north. Mr Silk said some owners couldn't afford to build. Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. It recommended the proposed sea wall be aligned as far landward as practicable. Collaroy seawall project - Protection from coastal erosion. Should the DA be approved by Northern Beaches Council, the department will then begin negotiations on an appropriate tenure for the occupation of Crown land. Page link:, NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, King Edward Headland Reserve & Burwood Colliery Bowling Club land claims, Former Jennings Arsenic Processing Plant Remediation Project, IPART review of communication tower rents, Proposed seawall Narrabeen-Collaroy beach, compulsory acquisition of land in the local government area of Narrabeen. As well as helping residents with development applications, council had come to an agreement with Crown Lands so that it would submit applications on residents' behalf where a sea wall might encroach on public land. His home was one of many beachside properties damaged in a massive storm on Collaroy beach in 2016.Credit:James Brickwood. It did that in a weekend. "We are so lucky compared with other places to the north, including Byron Bay, where residents are getting no support and councils are obstructing them," he said. The area is considered an erosion hotspot and, during the storms, up to 50 metres of beachfront was lost and a number of homes were damaged. The Collaroy area suffered extensive erosion damage in the June 2016 east coast low swells and is threatened by further erosion events. Intense storms in June 2016 caused severe erosion on Narrabeen-Collaroy beach. Council had fought "every step of the way" because of the lack of precedents for the state to assist individual property owners. Our specialist staff were engaged by the Northern Beaches Council to construct the 250m rock revetment seawall in front of the Collaroy Beach carpark. Landowner’s consent is not development approval. The funding package is expected to set a precedent for coastal communities at risk from rising sea levels and more intense storms caused by climate change. Crown land can be used for many purposes, including asset protection zones.


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