gerbil fight wounds
At this point, putting your pet to sleep may be the best option. This isn’t blood, but something similar called porphyrin. The antibiotics are a liquid that you must squirt into your pet gerbil’s mouth. The reason for most gerbils fighting is because they have gone through a process called declanning. This is a serious issue. That explains their color. We receive no government or lottery funding, so your generosity is vital. Some conditions can be fatal, whereas if your pet passes on something trivial like a slight cold, that’s no issue. At first, the pair will wrestle and box. This is the only way to get rid of the tumor. When gerbils play fight, they typically jump around and box each other, it's their own special way of establishing a hierarchy within their group. That’s because the dominant gerbil chases the other around and bites its tail. This is worrying because losing weight can be a sign of poor health in gerbils. You must clean the wound as soon as possible to prevent this from occurring. Your pet is put under anesthetic, which will prevent it from feeling any pain. If the issue is a tumor, there’s nothing that you can do about it at home. This is a vital part of the process, because a gerbil’s health can change in an instant. This can result in potentially serious and even fatal injuries. Don’t poke the wound as this can make it worse. As your pet recovers, you must observe it to see how well it’s doing. Separating the warriors into a split cage and switching sides frequently may be enough to re-familiarize them with their shared scent. You may also notice that your gerbil has a bloody eye. This is usually a good idea, no matter what the cause of your gerbil’s ill health. Fights that break out seemingly from nowhere with pairs of animals of the same age or those who've had no history of aggression can result from a gerbil picking up a strange smell. You must then ensure that nothing around your pet can infect the wound. To do this, clean it with antiseptic. Declanning is where the gerbil’s social group falls apart. See Aggression. The vet will also prescribe medication where necessary. If your gerbil is bleeding at the base of its tail, this has a different cause to if your gerbil has a bloody eye. Through doing so, you should learn why your gerbil is bleeding. Tumors are small hard lumps that appear on or near…, Getting a new gerbil is an exciting time. According to Comprehensive Physiology, porphyrins are a kind of chemical compound produced when the body makes hemoglobin, i.e. Wounds commonly appear around the base of the tail in these fights. If your gerbil’s stomach looks bloody, your gerbil has an issue with its scent gland. For a wound that’s mostly healed, you may not need to progress with treatment at all. In the wild, the rejected gerbil would run off to live in its own burrow. Regularly check your hamster’s teeth to make sure they remain a good length. You need to manage your pet’s wound and prevent it from getting worse. Others are malignant and will spread. This can cause severe damage if your pet won’t stop. As much as your instinct is to punish the aggressor, it will be much easier to find a new friend for the passive and gentler victim than for the gerbil that started the ruckus. the eye, nose, scent gland, base of the tail, etc. You must investigate the cause immediately. A gerbils is so smell-oriented that she literally would not recognize her own mother if she smelled different. This routine operation shouldn’t be a problem for your pet. This is particularly true of father-son and mother-daughter pairs. I’ve always found gerbils to be adorable pets, and am fascinated by their behavior. It’s not eating, which could be because it’s ill,…, A gerbil can become depressed or unhappy for a variety of different reasons. Whatever the cause, blood is never a good sign. The most likely places are the nose and eyes, the scent gland on the stomach, and the base of the tail. The causes vary, but it could be a severe open wound after fighting, which could cause your gerbil to die. Read more >, Legal notice © 2020 Wood Green Animal Shelters, Wood Green, The Animals Charity is the Registered Trademark of Wood Green Animal Shelters, Registered Mammary tumours are the most common and are the most likely to be cancerous. But the exact treatment methods depend on the reason why your pet is bleeding. Upon noticing that a tumor is present, your vet will recommend surgery. You will notice that your gerbil rubs its nose frequently. But because it can’t, it won’t. Declanning is the cause of frequent fighting. Parasites such as fur mites can be fairly common in gerbils who are housed on wood shavings or sawdust. Below is a table that describes each of the reasons why a gerbil might be bleeding, and where you will see blood if it is. The surgeon will then remove the tumor with a scalpel. It could be hidden underneath your pet’s fur. This is like what your gerbil is doing, but all the time. Abscesses stay closed until they are pressured into the opening. A gerbil with an infected wound will need to have that infection treated. This will allow the wound to heal with a minimum of complications. An open abscess can spread the infection further. But if the wound is red, swollen and seeping, then it is infected. Their advice can be invaluable, for both the recovery period and your overall care. Gerbils are generally quite healthy animals – most of their illnesses come with age. Antibiotics are used. Tumors can grow very quickly because gerbils have a fast metabolic rate. If this occurs frequently over your pet’s life, it can develop a tumor on its scent gland. Hi, I'm Lou. Did you handle one gerbil and not the other, possibly after handling food, another animal, or any strange substance? In any case, clean all wounds with clean, warm water, and … An abscess is a wound that is in the process of healing. The problem with this is that your gerbil can irritate its scent gland if it uses it too much. The presence of pus indicates that the wound is or was infected. These fights progressively get worse over time. There’s a chance the infection could come back. Follow bedding changing guidelines so that the gerbils don’t reject each other. If possible, take a look at the area to see what stage the wound is at. This is caused by the same issue. However, when they fight and mean it, you'll notice they bite each other around the tail and head areas of their opponents bodies. Whether they are or they aren’t, continue with treatment. A pet may bite it with its teeth. Before beginning treatment, check your gerbil all over to see where the blood... Talk to a Vet. It’s a shade darker than the rest of your pet’s skin. Check for symptoms…, If your pet gerbil has a scent gland tumor, it could be fatal. Talk to a vet about treatment/actions such as separating gerbils after fighting, administering antibiotics, and cleaning the wound. This is called declanning. The only treatment option available is surgical removal, but this can be expensive. If one gerbil is very badly injured, take him to the vet. It can open up a wound, which can become infected. This is more common in gerbils that have been bred poorly or have been involved in an accident where they may have fallen with an impact. If you suspect your gerbil has a wound, change the bedding to towels to prevent infection. To do so, you’ll need a fluid medicine syringe. Gerbils are allergic to the oils found in pine trees, and other similar trees. The vet will diagnose the issue. So, observe your pet from the outside of its cage frequently. It’s vital to recognize the signs of strokes in gerbils so that you can seek appropriate treatment. You may notice they have a gland under their belly, you don’t normally need to worry about this. This is necessary because you could try to treat a condition that isn’t there, ignoring one that is. Gerbils generally live for between three and five years. And if your pet is sick, then quarantine may be necessary. When a pair of gerbils declans, keep an eye on the general health of the one who was not the aggressor. When you handle your gerbils, check for unusual lumps and bumps on their body. Only a vet can tell you what bacteria are there. It could also be that one of the subordinate gerbils is rejected from the group. Did one gerbil get loose for a time, picking up strange smells from his explorations. There are even vets who specialize in small pets like rodents. Health check your gerbils regularly, paying attention to their legs and face – these  are common areas for fight wounds. Aside from that, try to stop the gerbil from biting its wound. When gerbils start to mature they can sometimes fight with each other. They may offer cones, like they do for other animals, but for gerbils. I hope that you find this resource helpful! A person may squeeze an abscess, for example, which causes it to open. Separating the sick gerbil from the others will either stop the fighting that’s occurring, or prevent the spread of disease. A gerbil health check, which is a thorough once-over to look at every part of your pet, is the best way to do that. If your gerbil is sick, you must treat it. But in captivity, it can’t do this. The dust gets in their eyes and causes this allergic reaction. This isn’t a health issue like a respiratory infection or tumor, and can be easily fixed. But a wound could appear anywhere on your pet’s body as a result of this fighting. It could even do both things if your gerbil is both sick and rejected. If two gerbils declan, there is some possibility you can reunite them using the Split Cage Method. The exact reason why your gerbil is bleeding depends on where it’s bleeding. If you did not see the fight happen, the gerbil with wounds on his back and tail is probably the victim; the one with wounds on his face and neck is the aggressor.


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