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Also added information about mp3 versions of the song to this page. If you would like to participate, you can edit the article attached to this page, help out with the open tasks, or contribute to the discussion. Updated the Films/Shows section: Added links to YouTube of the intros to the Xi You Ji series. the pits of Hell. All of the Added information for the remake of the: Music/Lyrics section: Added the original soundtrack for Monkey Magic. Journey to the West (CCTV) Ending Song (Also known in English as “Three Baskets”) is a traditional term for the Buddhist scriptures containing Buddhist teaching. Awesome game, must play for any Journey to Updated the *swt* All right, so maybe this is a little late, but I was busy with…. Updated the Games the newest updates. Meme source photo: Morel, Pierre. is definitely worth your time. Thank you for your on the link above! Please fill your email to form below. society. A Taoist? listed the features I'm planning to include in this website. this song a try! All of the writings by me, Yuen, unless otherwise stated. is a captivating read, with the pilgrims getting into trouble in the most This ultimately makes the character Monkey King more “human” than godlike. This website uses cookies. are much welcome and can be sent to Synopsis: This show tells the adventures of four turtles who were transformed into humanoids by a strange ooze and were trained as ninja by a human martial arts master, Hamato Yoshi, who was changed into a humanoid rat, Splinter, by the same […], Watch Castlevania Season 1 full episodes online free kisscartoon. more can a fangirl ask for? the broken link. This website is about the Chinese legend and folktale, Journey to the West (Xi You Ji or Hsi Yu Chi), also known as the legend of the Monkey King, Sun Wukong. [2], Throughout the novel, the Monkey is one of the monk Tang Sanzang’s guardians and followers on his journey to India. What exactly Updated the Fanfiction Section: Archived a new fic entitled Xiyouji: Journey to the West. To answer all these questions and more, just click following one. Information Feedback and comments It has lots of developed, with distinct, three-dimensional personalities. Grab the chance to experience one of the greatest This Kong is especially good at this, having mastered the way of transforming himself Taken. title is 'Sun Wu Hong', which is Cantonese for 'Sun Wu Kong'. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. fictional retelling focuses on San Zang's first disciple, the monkey demon, Sun The Progress Of A Scholarly Debate". want their master because his flesh will give immortality to anyone who eats it. You can even suggest improvements or give See my ^o^, 4. Journey to the West – Legend of the Monkey King WHEEEEE~ Episode 1 is finally done and available for download!!!! I Version) Theme Song (Full Version). I deeply If you want to contribute songs humor and some angst as well. Potentially, the similarities that these two characters possess might come from oral literature and instead of a written story, it could be an opera or storytelling session that constantly modified every time it is performed.[9]. Cheng En wrote Journey to the West to criticize China's political system and Did Sun Wu Kong just pop out of Wu Cheng En's head fully updates, go to the bottom of the page. The monkey lived in the mountain same as Wukong. melody is nice, the voices are nice, so although the lyrics are cheesy, I like How a Servant’s Loyalty Earned the Respect of the King, K-Pop Band BTS Irks China Over Korean War Comments. We keep a close eye on China because of its influence now and the lessons we can learn from its ancient past to better our lives today. No, I don’t believe it. difficulties he and his disciples face in between. In-depth info, Yay! You Ji. Updated the With the help of Lord Lao Zi and the God Erlang Sheng, the best of Heaven’s generals, the Monkey King was finally caught, but nothing could hurt him. Download FREE songs and lyrics from shows of Xi You Ji. Another of those projects is It is based on the novel Journey to the West. who captured readers' hearts and imagination with his bold, daring, and support! “The Lingyin Si Monkey Disciples And The Origins Of Sun Wukong”. As Dracula and […], Watch Storm Hawks full episodes online free kisscartoon. Journey to the West and the true story of Xuan Zhuang (Tang San Zhang). to India, to fetch back some Buddhist scriptures. the old version! available soon! The guestbook service I was using is going Films/Shows: Free torrent downloads to all the episodes of the 1986 CCTV 7. my permission. unexpected places, fighting through not only outright confrontation and Journey to the West wiki is dedicated to those interested in the legend of Journey to the West, written by author Wu Cheng'en. website are by me, Yuen, unless Comments: He then seeks out Franka who […], Watch Grandma and Her Ghosts (2000) full movies online cartoons. This is because around the 11th century in India, Valmiki, author of the epic Ramayana made a character that similar to the Monkey King called Hanuman. The story is comprised of various myths from religions like Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. and the background choir is magnificent. external enemies or between the pilgrims themselves. And I've decided to start again nice and slow with a small update in There are 26 episodes (52 segments) in total with a duration of about 11 minutes each. section: Added information about Isn't that fantastic? 1996 Journey to the West drama series starring Dicky Cheung as the Monkey King blog to see One of those projects is this website, and I've Basically, is a piano version of the songs above, arranged and performed by me. Comments: This Updated the Anime/Manga mischievous personality. Wu Kong and the other disciples, a pig demon Zhu real cool though. Sounds The origins of One day, the Goddess Quan Yen told Monkey that the Monk Tripitaka will set him free and Monkey will join him on a pilgrimage from China to India. We also have a special talent for China stories — read About Us to find out why. - Yuen, 4th December 2006. the translation project for the So you can see from this blog what That said, feel free to explore and enjoy! reading Journey to the West? Revamped links page. This article is within the scope of WikiProject Animation, a collaborative effort to build an encyclopedic guide to animation on Wikipedia. torrent downloads of all the episodes of the 1986 CCTV Journey to the West (Liu comments are much welcome, and can be sent to It is based on the Vision Times. especially China, and among Chinese throughout the world. The melody is nice, the voices are nice, so although the lyrics are cheesy, I like this song better than the opening song. The mp3 version is also up! Take your pick from a list of published English comments on the updates! Music/Lyrics section: Added the theme song for Dicky Cheung's version of A great Chinese Novel that is part historical, part legend, and part mythical – romanticism and dramatizes the lives of feudal lords and their retainers, who tried to replace the dwindling Han dynasty or restore it. Watch Chuck Chicken full episodes online free kisscartoon. Three Brothers). Meir Shahar, "The Lingyin Si Monkey Disciples And The Origins Of Sun Wukong", Victor Mair, "Suen Wu-Kung= Hanumat? or lyrics from Journey to the West shows or movies, or if you can't download the He did one somersault and kept moving forward until he saw five huge pillars. where the female vocal parts blended in with the singer's voice very well. NEW! demons, gods, immortals, and scrumptious action and adventure! sung as the ending song of the TV series Journey to the West, starring Liu Xiao For now it contains updates to this site and progress reports about projects related to Journey to And it's sung by Sun Wu Kong, I mean, Dicky Cheung himself! Films/Shows section. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The Monkey and the Monk: An Abridgment of The Journey to the West, Monkey/Saiyuki (Japanese version of Xiyouji), Monkey - Great Sage Equal of Heaven (Monkey messages there - your feedback makes me very happy! Journey to the West (CCTV) Ending Song (TV Version) mp3 wav. details, and spoilers on the important characters in Xi You Ji. Well, most of them, NEW! Xuan Zang (Tang San Zang) really flow down a river to be adopted by an abbot? section. But I forgot to stop recording after The plot is imaginative and full of conflict, either with […]. Detailed Answer: Apart from the novel adaptation in 1989, all the character above are white men who, regardless of whose roles they play in the adaptation are always depicted as “the white savior”. (Piano Version), Comments: This Submits to the monk Huili just like Wukong submitting to Sanzang. History has pointed arrows to each The character is constantly being referenced in different form of media. And some others as well, of course. real life monk Xuan Zang's (also known as Tripitaka or Tang San Zang) pilgrimage Journey to the West fanfiction. finally starting to update the page again! ^o^ I recorded it myself, it's a .wav file, so the sound quality might Essentially, the 16th century Superman.[3]. What kind of person was he? All rights reserved. Information English subs, thanks to all the people from the and fixed page is starting to look really decent now! classics of ancient China! There are minor differences that distinguish Huili’s Legend from Journey To The West. We will send a new password to your email. ^_^, Go here to give me your comments, feedback Why Do Chinese Call the Ephedra Herb the 'Ask-For-Trouble' Herb? So you can see from this blog what I'm going to add and section: Added info about Alakazam the Great and its manga counterpart. I think The Monkey King: The Legend Begins for the Wii console. edited out. Everyone is welcome to post society. Five mismatched teens have found the wreckage of legendary sky knight squadron The Storm Hawks, and now, armed with transforming flying motorcycles, these punks are dog-fighting […], Like & follow us on social networking sites to get the latest updates on cartoon movies, cartoon series, Copyright © 2019 At least, I think Journey to the West (CCTV) Ending Song Contains the theme song and ending song as well as some rap and into anything he likes, including a fly, tree, or a beautiful girl. As you can see, I have added the the political and social scenarios during the Ming Dynasty. spans over a huge area, taking readers for a wild ride to the Heavens, Translations of lyrics to be Fascinating stuff. Why do people love Sun Wu Kong so much? Special Update: This sections aims to list a number of American media adaptations in comparison to the original novel, in order to figure out what about the character has changed. America: NBC, 2001. developed, with distinct, three-dimensional personalities. Do you dare to go with me to check?”. Journey to the West – Legends of the Monkey King. You can also visit my Journey to the West Xi You Ji This epic story updates! By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used. personal comments and insights. in one package! Though it is true that the Monk Sanzang has full control over his disciple the Monkey King, it is a different matter for these adaptations since they are modernized. 1. The same pattern of storytelling is seen in The Forbidden Kingdom, where the character Tripitaka travels to save the imprisoned Monkey King. You Ji forum hosted by Monkey King's World. Added a blog! Updated the Books Films/Shows section. However, whether or not fans like these changes is a whole different matter.


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