rabbit in the moon essay
very interesting. Although his articles were written for general readers, they were also intended to engage specialists. From Asia (where it is most commonly found) to the Americas there have been many legends told about the rabbit in the moon over the centuries. S/he is also androgynous sometimes appearing in a male form. She offered herself as food to save his life. The Moon Rabbit is also called the “Jade Rabbit.” It lives on the moon, and is said to always be pounding something in a mortar. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hares were associated with Artemis, goddess of the wild places and Artemis would not permit young hares to be sacrificed (as some demanded) but left to her protection. This legend comes from markings on the moon that look like a rabbit standing over a mortar, similar to the “Man on the Moon” in the West. As the season of Chuseok approaches, the Legend of the Moon Rabbit comes to mind. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Most people are familiar with the Japanese folklore of Tsuki no Usagi (especially fans of the show Sailor Moon, in which the protagonist's name is "Tsukino Usagi"). In December 2013, China launched its first unmanned moon probe to explore a region of the moon known as Sinus Iridum, or the Bay of Rainbows. The rabbit may be gone, but it lives on in the many pictures that were taken of it, and in the hearts and memories of those who were lucky enough to see it up close! In the night it’s the largest and most bright object. The female is the goddess Wenet, while the male probably represents Osiris, the son of Isis. Eighteen essays provide an accessible, entertaining look into a system of millennia-old legends and beliefs. Since its founding in 1979, Cheng & Tsui has been dedicated to “Bringing Asia to the World.”, Phone USA (toll-free): 1-800-554-1963Phone International: 1-617-988-2400Fax: 1-617-426-3669. Is there a famous rabbit in your culture? AcaDemon — It’s the reason that we can see on earth at night. In China, the moon rabbit is usually called 'yuè tù' (月兔), which means "moon rabbit"! Moon is one of the biggest attractions to children in the sky. They span a divers subject matter: myths and names, eclipses, stars, left and right, Méxican origins, Aztec incantations, animals, and the incorporation of Christian elements into the living mythologies of Mexico. Can you see it? the Maya indians also saw a rabbit in the moon sitting cross legged although it was described as a scribe it also the god of intoxicating liqueurs. I have yet to hear of any moon rabbit legends among European-Americans (i.e. Japan: Pumpkins (南瓜),  taro potatoes (里芋), chestnuts, and. Did you know there are many legends around the world about this rabbit? Florentijn Hofman's giant Moon Rabbit at the Taoyuan Land Arts Festival in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Carvings of rabbits eating grapes and figs appear on both Greek and Roman tombs symbolizing the transformative cycle of life, death, and rebirth. What are the Chinese, Japanese and Korean names for the Moon Rabbit? Here is a visual depiction of, “The Rabbit In The Moon Story”. Keywords: The rabbit, thief, rabbit, moon, moon-man, online short stories for kids, short moral stories for kids, funny short stories for kids, kids world fun Text: The Tale of the Rabbit and the Thief Long time ago, the rabbit was regarded as a big hunter. But Rabbit had nothing to offer him but some grass. "Rabbit in the Moon" (2005, May 23) Formerly a documentary filmmaker, she is also an established Chinese film critic with a published collection of reviews and essays in Chinese (2011). indigenous tribal cultures) who have been here for thousands of years, not mainstream American pop culture or American folklore. The moon is, of course, upside down in Australia and the southern hemisphere. All of the above goddesses were also shapeshifters who took on the form of a rabbit or hare and roamed the countrysides during the waxing, waning, and full moons of each month. This goddess was also responsible for the turning of winter to spring. As is the case in Japan, the Korean moon rabbit pounds rice cakes in its pestle as well.


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