simple auto unequip ammo se
Added follower support (will work only with one follower and will not recognize custom arrows). Arrows and Bolts are tracked separatelly so that valid ammo can be equipped with the corresponding ranged weapon type. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Several functions may not work. Auto Unequip Ammo will respond when a weapon is equipped or unequipped and deal with the ammo respectively. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Supports up to 25 followers from either EFF, UFO or AFT. Re-equip the proper ammo (the last one you used) when you re-equip a ranged weapon. © Valve Corporation. All I can say is that it's not equip sets because I haven't touched this setting at all. Goal is not to have ammo equipped unless you're using ranged weapons. The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. Download and install the Simple Auto Unequip Ammo from the Old Files. All rights reserved. HD Stone Quarry and Clay Deposit SE (by skyrimaguas), High-Res Dartwing (Dragonfly) Texture (by WankingSkeever ), A weird "Protective Warning" Error on Mod Organizer 2, This is not recommended for shared computers, I am equipping a long bow with iron arrows, I go into inventory to equip a sword and exit the inventory, I go into inventory to equip a long bow with steel arrows and exit the inventory, I go back into inventory and see that I am equipping a long bow with iron arrows. Community Forum Software by IP.BoardLicensed to: Nexus Mods, Thank the divines that this small but really useful mod was ported over. Script will try to detect worn arrows on first time use of the mod. You currently have javascript disabled. I'm not going to develop this or make any changes, it's just a port of an already perfectly functional mod. IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANTI had to modify a critical property for the v2.1 hotfix.This mean the update will need a clean save cycle: This is a very quick implementation to fix one of the most annoying issue in the game :Quivers that stay equipped despite your bow/crossbow being unequipped. The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account. Future PlansHotifx for bound bow.Add formlist cleanup quest.Bbugfixes depending on feedback. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. I installed it earlier. Fixed crash during AI-intensive fights due to null projectile on dummy ammunition. Sometimes Working, Sometimes Not, I Don't know what happen, or it's just me? Auto Unequip Ammo. Save, Clear custom ammo: (Set AUACustomAmmoClear to 1) and you will be notified when done. I just noticed it happening a few times in this playthrough so I thought I would post to see if anyone else has noticed it. This scenario is basically what is happening and sound like that feature is running; however, it shouldn't be running if the setting is off. Did you just port Auto Unequip Ammo ?Absolutely not. If you're using custom arrows from other mods you'll still have to re-equip them to initialize script variables and message popup should remind you. What are the differences with the original ?- There is no support for "sets" like in the original AUA. When the fight is over and you switch back to your bow, the wrong ammo is equipped because the mod thinks you prefer the weaker ammo since you used it for some time in combination with that bow. have access to the private MA forum, or if this definition change in the future, meet said definition) can request ownership of the mod if s/he wishes to update and maintain it. All rights reserved. using resurrect on player). Simple Auto Unequip Ammo. What Hedgie is saying is that if you click on that plugin in NMM it will give you the mod that the plugin is for and the masters of that plugin. The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account. Fix bound bow, add compatibility option for mods adding weapons that use dedicated ammos, Removed a small performance improvement to improve compatibility, so new ammos don't need to have the VendorItemArrow keyword, Added clean up quest in case of wrong ammo type assignment, can be activated through console command. Can anybody tell me what mod this plugin is refering to? any suggest. Discussion thread:Auto Unequip Ammo by AlekWiki Link. This should fix the problem that results in script not receiving game events (e.g. Rewrote mod from scratch, now hide ammo instead of unequipping. It's simply a possibility atm, but more investigation is definitely needed if three of the staff has noticed this behavior. 2.1.2. It's easy! Splendor - Dragon Varients SE Immersive Wenches Simple Auto Unequip Ammo Diverse Dragons Collection SE RUSTIC WINDOWS - special edition Wearable Lanters Pretty Combat Animations SSE Remove Interior Fog Remove Interior Fog ELFX Enhancer Patch Falskaar Beyond Skyrim - BRUMA SE If you're using custom arrows from other mods you'll still have to re-equip them to initialize script variables. Ask for ammo's type at first use for mod-added ammo. Check Out This Mod. That doesn't mean I don't read or appreciate them. Several functions may not work. Last used ammo is auto-equipped when ranged weapon is equipped. All rights reserved. In my opinion this should not be a STEP Core requirement. Auto Unequip Ammo is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I did explain to you how to find out what it is and i also gave you a warning and a tip on how to make things a lot easier for yourself. My next game will be an archer again since I never got to finish my last one so I'll keep an eye out for this happening again. Anyone who is considered a mod author by Nexus Mods' standard (i.e. This should fix the problem when mod stopped working because something removed magic effect from the player (e.g. Page 1 of 28 - Simple Auto Unequip Ammo - posted in File topics: Simple Auto Unequip Ammo Unequip your current ammo when unequipping your bow/crossbow. Leave a comment if you got a preference). Simple AUA plugin is the mod Simple Auto Unequip Ammo. FeaturesPlayer-only.Unequip your current ammo when unequipping a ranged weapon.Re-equip the proper ammo (the last one you used) when you re-equip a ranged weapon.Ask for ammo's type at first use for mod-added ammo.Nearly 100% safe for uninstallation/reinstallation (as much as a mod with a script and some properties can be). Removed annoying message when using custom ammo and added interactive classification menu, drastically improving compatibility with custom ammo mods. Just a busy one :). FeaturesPlayer-only.Unequip your current ammo when unequipping a … No one is gonna blame you if you use one or the other. Has anyone else noticed this mod changing ammo behind your back without your knowledge even if equip sets are disabled? "Mod is basically learning which ammo you prefer to use with each weapon so you don't have to swap ammo manually each time you use different bow or crossbow.". Known IssuesBound bow will probably screw things up (or rather, be screwed up).Fix coming in future version.When you use your last ammo of the current type, the lowest-level ammo isn't automatically re-equipped.This is both a feature (avoid using falmer arrow for 10 minutes because you didn't notice you ran out of ebony ones, wondering why you're doing so few damages), and an issue (can be kinda bothering).This is a technical "limitation" of the current implementation. It look ugly, there is no other way to put this. Copyright © 2020 Robin Scott. This mod will automatically unequip ammo when ranged weapon is unequipped and equip the same ammo back when you equip the ranged weapon again. Fixed CTD occuring when re-equipping a ranged weapon during AI-intensive battles. Nor have I, but if that feature is somehow being enabled due to an error in coding or something similar, then it could still be this mod. I expect a credit if my scripts helped you develop solutions in your own project. Gopher, Sai, tehpauleh - for video review.PROXiCiDE - for sharing the same idea. Analogous to LE version of the mod. The scope of the changes would have warranted shutting the old page down and uploading a new one, but the resulting confusion and loss of visibility didn't seem worth it.


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