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Traversing through Spelunky 2 proves to be quite challenging, and that is elevated even more if you want to discover every nook and cranny. The creator of the world-famous Von Diamonds fashion and lifestyle brand. [1] In the game, Ana must navigate deadly caves filled with hostile enemies and traps to collect treasures. Last Edited: 28 Sep 2020 11:26 pm. A master ninja always looking to hone his skills. Yu needed to outsource the game's development to BlitWorks because of the sequel's larger scope. We’ll add more Spelunky knowledge in the future. Spelunky 2 - State of Play Release Date Trailer | PS4, https://spelunky.fandom.com/wiki/Spelunky_2?oldid=19341. Spelunky 2 is one of the most highly-acclaimed games of Fall 2020, and it’s also one of the most brutally difficult. She's lived a pampered life, but is eager to learn more about the world. On August 29, 2018, a full gameplay trailer was released. A fascination with the ocean led her away from the family buisness. A self-proclaimed "Spelunkyhead" trying to become a famous explorer. Bloodstained Altars dedicated to the fickle goddess Kali can be found scattered throughout the caves. He will transport items between these three locations when they are placed on the special pads. This character is found by opening a coffin in any, This character is unlocked by beating the game's normal ending, This character is unlocked by beating the game via. This could be useful if there’s, say, an explosion about to happen and there’s ground behind you to cover the fall, You can attack with your whip and drop bombs while you’re hanging on a rope, Much like skulls, you can wreck bone piles using your whip, Time is of essence, but stopping before entering a new area block can be the difference between life or death, Going through spiderwebs twice will make them disappear, if not, just go back and forth quickly for a couple times, You can have an item or Monti grabbed while mounting a turkey, but beware that attacking will throw the item, In order to take Monti with you, you’re can whip them so they start running sideways. It’s a hard feat, but one easy way to fight back, if they’re selling a shield, is to steal the shield first. A veteran from the first adventure. However, the explosion that comes after a few seconds can be a great way of opening paths further down below without the need of using bombs, The window is fairly small, but you actually can hit enemies on your back when you attack using your whip. The first shortcut requires (in order), $2000, 1 Bomb, $10000. Spelunky 2 is the full sequel to one of the most prominent roguelikes of the past decade, and as expected, it's full of new surprises, secrets, and challenges to overcome. Even reaching the first boss is going to be a challenge for some players — and fighting the true final boss? It is the sequel to Spelunky (2008) and it was released for Windows and PlayStation 4 in September 2020. Spelunky 2 Wiki | Everything You Need To Know About The Secrets of Spelunky, 20 Useful Tips To Help You Survive The First Biome | Beginner’s Guide, How To Unlock All Three Shortcuts | Mama’s Big Helper Guide, How To Unlock Every Bonus Character | Secret Character Locations, 5 Tips To Help You Beat Olmec | First Boss Guide, The Item Compendium | What Every Item Does & How To Get Them All, Easy Method To Take Out The Shopkeeper And Steal All His Stuff, Earn Tons Of Gold With Secret Methods & Tricks | Hidden Gold Guide, How To Access Every Secret Area | Black Market, Mothership, City of Gold & More, You Have To Die To Reach The Duat Area | Secret Location Guide, How To Get The 1-Hit KO Excalibur Sword | Secret Weapon Guide, How To Get The Kapala Knife & Heal Yourself By Defeating Enemies, Beat The Tutorial In 30 Seconds Or Less | Track Star Trophy Guide, The Eggplant Returns With New Easter Eggs | Eggplant Child Guide, How To Fight The Secret Final Boss | Hard Mode Route Guide, Both Hard Mode Routes | Duat & Abzu Sunken City Routes Guide, 10 Incredibly Minor Things In Games That Piss Us Off, Reports Claim PlayStation 5 Won’t Support 1440P Resolution, PlayStation 5 Units Can Only Be Purchased Online During Launch, The Best Video Game Deals Right Now | Discounted Games Guide. They start each game with four Bombs, and can find more in certainshops. Spelunky 2 Wiki Guide. New features were added to the game, while the original gameplay loop was refined and remixed. The heiress to the Von Diamonds empire. Spelunky 2 is the full sequel to one of the most prominent roguelikes of the past decade, and as expected, it's full of new surprises, secrets, and challenges to overcome. An easygoing young lady with the heart of a hero. From PCGamingWiki, the wiki about fixing PC games. The game has received positive reviews from critics. He works in physical education and wants to make sure everyone's taking good care of their health and staying positive. The story, which focuses on the themes of family and kinship, is mostly delivered through journal articles in the game's world and the Base Camp where Ana can interact with the characters she has encountered during her adventure. Together they've built a thriving shortcut-building business! Yu intentionally ensured that the game would not be radically different from the first Spelunky as he felt that sequels should be "extensions of the previous games", and that fans of the first game would feel like they are playing a "continuation". He's spent his life in pursuit of adventure (and treasure). Then, it’s all about opening a path for them until the exit door - as an alternative, you can grab them (crouching and pressing the grab button) and take them with you, but be careful with throwing them too much, as two hits should be enough to kill them, If you see a turkey, don’t fret, they’re harmless. Spelunky 2 is a 2020 platform video game developed by Mossmouth and BlitWorks. A young man no longer, he's re-evaluating what's most important to him. The Tina Flan description is a reference to how she was the character used by the Youtuber/Streamer BananasaurusRex during the first successfully recorded solo eggplant run. A tough-as-nails adventurer who is hard to warm up to and needs her solitude, but also cares deeply for her friends. When Ana dies, she will have to start from the beginning of the level and lose most of her items, and the level is rearranged through procedural generation to present new challenges and paths. He runs an item storage and transportation business. They won’t shoot at you, and you can then push them towards a wall, You can mount Rock Dogs the same way as turkeys - they have a similar moveset, including double jump, but don't count on gliding - as a trade off, they can shot fire balls, You can destroy poison bubbles using your whip or any other throwable items or close range weapons, Shooting a rope on the right angle can be used as decoy for, After you kill enemies such as Cavemen or Horned Lizards, you can use their bodies as heavy objects to crush other enemies. Afterwards, he will be found in Vlad's Castle, where he will kill Vlad the Impaler instantly with his Crossbow. Page Tools. In this Spelunky 2 Wiki Guide, we have listed various tips, tricks, cheats and secrets that you can use to advance in the game smoothly! His namesake and appearance is also a reference to Van Helsing, a fictional character from the 1897 gothic horror novel Dracula. - Steam News, Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike. Both serve as vampire hunters in their respective appearances. ↑ Spelunky 2 - Launch, Online Multiplayer, and Cross-Play! Au is the Periodic Symbol for Gold, hence the character looking like they are made of gold. The game has received positive reviews from critics. A version of Guy Spelunky from a parallel universe made of large, flat blocks of colors. Her dialogue hints that she is the same character from the first game, seeming to recognize Guy and Yang. https://spelunky.fandom.com/wiki/Spelunky_2_Characters?oldid=19795. You can use your whip to scare them off, Some Cavemen will appear mounting Rock Dogs. Kevin Thielenhaus / Just hit them with your whip to an area below, or throw after grabbing them, Arrows, bombs, these items will bounce at walls and back at you if you’re not helpful, damaging you as well, Destroying a campfire will give you a torchlight as loot, Stones can be extremely useful, they have a long range, can kill or stun enemies, and also be used as decoy for traps. He seeks revenge on Vlad for reasons unknown. Spelunky 2 is, as much as its predecessor, full of surprises. If there’s something you wanted to know about Spelunky 2 — or even something you had no idea you even wanted to check out, browse the links below for all our accumulated Spelunky knowledge. Some store links may include affiliate tags. But if you’ve played Spelunky 2, you’re probably curious about the many, many secrets the game has to offer. He's decided to finally try his hand at spelunking after many years of building shortcuts. Online multiplayer is a planned upcoming feature. The sequel was first announced at Paris Games Week in October 2017. It is the sequel to Spelunky (2008) and it was released for Windows and PlayStation 4 in September 2020. This character is unlocked by opening a coffin in, This character is unlocked by opening a coffin in any Jungle level, This character is unlocked by opening a coffin in the Black Market, This character is unlocked by opening a coffin in any. [4][5], Derek Yu, the creator of the first game, returned to develop the sequel. Other platforms are still being considered but may not become available until after the initial release. He can often be found muttering about his UFO, the Campanella. Spelunky 2 Spelunky 2 is the sequel to the cave exploration / treasure-hunting game Spelunky. She's on vacation right now. This character is found in caves in Olmec's Lair, the Ice Caves, and Sunken City. Like its predecessor, Spelunky 2 is a 2D platform game. Features / Vampire. Spelunky 2 is the sequel to Spelunky, a unique platformer game created by developer Derek Yu. By challenging his mind and body he's trying to find peace in a chaotic universe. According to Yu, as he reflected on the development of the first game when he was writing a book about it for Boss Fight Books, he began to have more and more ideas for the sequel. This is in extreme close quarters, mind, so don’t rely on it too much, but it’s a possibility that might save you from time to time, We get it, sometimes the temptation of fighting the shopkeeper will be too strong to resist. He will then be found a third time in the Temple, where he will give the player an Alien Compass, used to locate the entrance to the Mothership in the Ice Caves. Van Horsing returns as an NPC in Spelunky 2, previously being a Spelunker in Spelunky HD. As you explore the moon you will encounter many familiar faces, as well as brand new enemies, traps, secrets, and of course items. In fact, they will give you gold coins, so approach them without fret and pick them up when you see one, Throwing your rope will damage any enemy that gets in the way, Tiki Men’s flying skulls will disappear when they’re knocked down, so it’s always best to try and stomp or hit them with any throwable object to stop the skull, Monkeys won’t directly attack you, but instead hop on your character’s back and steal items - this includes bombs, too, which will be immediately triggered, so be careful!


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