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Patients Acquisition

Patient acquisition for Dental Practice

Nowadays everybody has a smartphone that could be the source of information about your clinic. In the era of the Internet, all people look online for the services, especially medical ones. The trend for online marketing outsourcing is becoming more and more obvious – amateur activity does not give the desired result due to the increasing complexity of the search engines and other services.

That is why 7 years ago we were one the first digital agencies that specialized in the dental market. Working with more than 100 clinics in different countries allowed us to gain a lot of experience and knowledge in this area.

We make sure that users when searching for the dentist or the dental service, find your website and schedule an appointment at your clinic.

How do we do that?

Web Design

According to the recent studies, an average user needs only 5 seconds to decide whether he wants to stay on your page or immediately leave. We make sure that your website is informative, convenient to use and converts visitors to calls and appointments.

Search Engine Optimization

88% of internet users use online search to find a dentist. We make sure that you are visible not only by phrases like “dentist near me”, but also for more specific phrases like “dental implantation” or “aligner therapy”. By adding the articles and describing the services you provide we make sure that you receive as many search engine traffic as possible.

Paid Search Campaigns

Just like search engine optimization, Paid Search Campaigns, such as Google Adwords, allow showing your clinic to the user in the best possible moment – when he/she is looking for the solution to their problems. Although, the Adwords campaign set up by amateurs may result in overspending without any visible result, as you need to pay for every click

Facebook/Instagram Paid Campaigns

Unless like the previous two channels, this method does not answer the demand. In the opposite, it is normally used to create one. Make sure that you have the offer that really stands out from your competitors – and we show it to people around you. Wу will help you to target the right people with the right banners.

Who are we?

We are the online Marketing Agency with 5 years of experience in the dental market. We truly believe that one needs a deep knowledge of the dental realities to successfully promote dental clinics. That is why we work with dental clinics only, so we can continuously increase our level of expertise.

Are we the right agency for you?

7 years of experience
High level of expertise in the dental field
International experience
Request a free marketing analysis and we will prepare a detailed document revealing the weak and strong points of your marketing strategy.

1. How visible is your website in Google?

2. How good is your website in terms of converting users to calls and appointments?

3. Do your social media accounts work for or against you?

4. What could be done to increase the number of new patients?

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