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Facebook/Instagram Paid Campaigns Setup and Accounting

Probably the most popular social media at the moment. Everybody has an Insta account, and you should have one also. You probably have one already. How do you use it? Just like the website or youtube, your instagram is your virtual lobby. People visit it before they visit the real one. Is it as good as your real lobby? Is it clean and neat in there? Does it make you want to stay longer or run away? Is it empty, or is there too much stuff going on?

We recommend you stay in the middle of your lobby and take a long look at your social media accounts. Does the picture on your mobile screen correspond with what you see in your clinic.

If  the answer is yes,  there is no sense to read further. You are all set, just keep going that way.

If, however, your instramm is full of teeth pictures or there is nothing but the pictures of your nurses, you might want to do something about it.

  1. Setup your account. Properly setup account can be used as the laconic website. Put your (or our) designer at work and come up with the nice icons that represent your clinic and your main selling points
  2. Come up with the posting templates and stick to them. This will make your account look neat and professional – just like your praxis in the offline world
  3. Make sure you follow local people on an everyday basis. Make one of your nurses (or us) follow at least 50 local users on the daily basis. Already in couple of months you will grow your local follower base with almost  zero costs
  4. Make sure that you do all above before you start any paid campaign on Insta/Facebook.

Cost of treatment

Facebook/Instagram Paid Campaigns Setup and Accounting
80 USD USD/Month $
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