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Google Adwords Setup

This is an absolute must for those who want to get the maximum out of the internet in terms of patient acquisition.

Believe it or not, but more than 30% of the users click on the ads when searching for the clinic or medical center.

You don’t want to lose this kind of traffic, as it is the hottest one. People are look for solutions to their problems and pains, and the moment when they are typing thу keyword in google search bar is the best moment to offer them the solution.

Be the first link to be clicked on. At least for the geo based keywords such as “dentist in Munich”.

Make sure your ads are specific and catchy. Add special offers, anything that make the potential patient click on your ad.

Make sure that landing pages that you drive this traffic to are:

  1. Relevant. If the person is looking for the orthodontic treatment do not send them to your home page.
  2. Nicely designed. Remember, you have literally seconds to make your user stay. If your page does not grab the attention instantly, user will close your website and go back to the search results
  3. Adaptive for mobile. This one is pretty obvious, yet so many dentists in Germany have their websites done in early 2000s, where 90% oа the audience were desktop
  4. Informative. Yes, of course you have a special page for your doctors, as well as prices or contacts. But modern users are lazy. They do not want to search for a phone or who is performing the surgery at your clinic. They want answers as soon as possible with minimum efforts. Help them by putting all relevant info at the same page.

Also, please do not forget to use all available tools for the analytics, including the call tracking

Cost of treatment

Google Adwords Setup
28 USD/Month $
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