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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation is the key to medical marketing.

After years of experience in medical marketing, we can say that search traffic remains the most effective and converting kind of traffic. Yes, more and more people spend more and more time on Instagram and other social media. Yes, people tend to read less on the internet. But not, when it comes to health. When searching for the clinic or a doctor or simply looking up the symptoms people use search engines to search for the answers. To find the solutions to their problems.

And showing up on the first page of Google is the best way to promote your clinic. There is 2 ways to do that:

  1. Paid Search Advertising (Google Adwords)
  2. Organic Search Results

We recommend using both of these instruments. In this article, we will talk about the organic search results and how we put our customers on the first page of google.

What is SEO?

Many dentists do not use this instrument as they do not quite understand how it works. That is totally normal. Modern search algorithms are complex and have hundreds of different parameters. To be honest we do not fully understand them either. But effectively speaking, there are 3 major areas where improvement is critical for search engine optimization.

  1. Technical optimization. The pages of your website are being indexed by the search robots. They visit millions of pages trying to understand what they are about. If you help these guys to understand it, your pages will be more likely shown to the users. Therefore you need to provide short descriptions to every page and make sure they are visible, laconic, and understandable for the search robots. For example if you aiming for the keyword “affordable aligners in Dusseldorf” you need to put these words in your title as well, instead of just describing it as “aligners”
  2. Links Management. The websites that a lot of people refer to, receive the higher Trust Rank by google. Therefore it is critical to gain some “link weight”. Usually, it is done registering the website in all possible sorts of catalogs or review websites. But zou can also buy the links on the special websites
  3. User behavior on the website. If your website is old, inconvenient or empty, users will leave it immediately, which will increase your bounce rate. Google will notice that and pessimize your website in the organic search results. On the opposite, if your website is informative, interactive, and convenient, users will spend more time on your portal. Again, Google will notice that and put your website in better positions.

Content is the key.

The web is still about the text, although the amount of graphic media rises every year. But the search engine optimization works the best as the new content is added on a regular basis.

Luckily, medicine is something that can be described by the text, so there is never a lack of content. Many clinics aim for keywords like “dentist in Dusseldorf” which is completely right. But not so many of them realize that people also search for services like “deep cleaning in Dusseldorf. Some of them look for particular implant brands, like  Straumann or Nobel care. Some of them want to know why aligners are better than braces. And this is the best kind of traffic! We provide our customers with at least 5 new pages on the website every month.

Cost of treatment

100 USD/Month $
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