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SMM Account Set Up

One of the most common mistakes that hear frequently when talking to our clients is following:

“Websites are the thing of the past, it makes much more sense to invest in social media”.

We tend to disagree with this statement. Yes, social media is growing rapidly, and more and more people spend more and more time in apps like Instagram or Facebook. But they do that mostly for fun. Searching for the doctor or googling up the medical symptoms is no fun at all. The situation is that  users post the picture of their swollen gums asking “What do you guys think, is that parodontitis?” is hard to imagine.

When looking for the dentist or any other medical help, people use search systems like google more likely. Of course they can ask for the recommendation, but again, the would rather do it privately.

But it does not mean that social media should not be used by you, as the customer acquisition tool. Quite the opposite, social media is a great tool to get new customers if you use it right.

Here is something you should know about social media in order to keep your appointment book full.

  1. Social media is supposed to be fun and relaxing. Don’t be too serious about what you post.
  2. Do not post too much of your work, especially on Instagram. Many dentist accounts are just scary. Yes, they are mostly posted in before and after format, and usually serve the purpose, but altogether it looks kind of creepy
  3. Do not outsource the content. Generate and post your own content, even if it’s not that many of it. Some agencies offer to run your social media for you, but this is not a great idea. Who can tell more about you than you?
  4. Although we do not recommend content outsourcing, it definitely makes sense to use some professional help in setting your account up. Come up with designed templates for your posts. All these little details help to create a professionally looking account that could be used both for communicating with the followers and paid advertisement campaigns. You might want to use different template for different kind of posts
  5. Come up with a content plan. Try to reach the perfect mix  of entertaining, education, clinical news and commercial offers. Losing this balance will make your account boring or too commercial. Have your posts scheduled in 5he 6 months advance
  6. Do not post too rare or too often. Make sure people remember about you, yet not annoyed by you
  7. Social media is a supporting tool. Do not expect too much from it in terms of sales


What platforms should be used for the patient’s acquisition?

Online marketing works better when you cover all possible channels. Let’s discuss the major ones.

Cost of treatment

SMM Account Set Up
28 USD $
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