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Unique Web Design

How do we create our websites?

A modern, convenient, and informative website is the key to the success of online marketing. No matter where the traffic is coming from, whether it is an organic search, paid ads, or social media. After landing on your website an average user needs 5 seconds to decide, whether he/she wants to leave or stay longer. First impression is very critical, as there is nobody to talk to the user and convince him/her to take a tour. Therefore your website needs to grab the first attention, reveal all strong points, and lead to the culmination – a phone call or a request.

Think of your website as the reception desk in your clinic. Does it look good? Is it helpful? Do your patients get help or they are scared away?

It is incredible how many dental offices in Germany with nice and expensive interiors, beautiful and highly qualified nurses, modern and costly equipment have bad looking, outdated, and empty websites. We are here to change that.

What is the perfect dental clinic website?

  1. Informative. Medical websites need to answer the patient’s questions. Users have a problem to solve and your website is supposed to offer a solution. Simple “call us and we explain it to you” is not enough anymore.
  2. Convenient. Try to think of the logic of the website’s visitor. Where did he/she come from? Where did he land? What did he see first? Why didn’t he call or left contact details? Is your phone number visible? How many fields are in your contact form? Remember that every extra click reduces the conversion rate
  3. Visible. Even the most convenient website with the most brilliant design is useless without the visitors. Make sure your website is optimized for the search engines, so your potential customers see you at the best possible moment – when they search for the solution of their problems
  4. Converting. Yes, visits are great, but you need more than that – calls and appointments. To get them your website needs to sell your competence before they actually land in your chair.

Stages of a website creation

  1. Prototype. At this stage, a black and white structure of the future website is drawn. We try to think of the user journey. What sections will be in the header? What kind of menu will be used? What blocks will be presented on the main page? By thinking this through we set up a basis of the future website. This is the most important and time-consuming stage of all
  2. The design. After the prototype is finished, it is time to put some colors in it. It is usually the most exciting stage for the customers
  3. The layout. At this stage, the design and prototype are combined and it starts to look like a website. Usually, the layout is being shown at the test domain
  4. Content placement. Usually, the content is taken from the old website.
  5. Moving to the regular domain. At this stage, the website is going live. It is important to set up all the redirects, as the structure of the website is usually changed a lot. It is also important to keep all previous positions in the search engines, in order to avoid any traffic loss

Cost of treatment

500 USD $
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